Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Business first...The last of my old sketch covers is on eBay this week and bidding ends tonight, Wednesday (August 13). You can click HERE to see it and bid.

You might notice that I haven't posted anything to this website in more than two years. I put the art career on hold to pursue a dream. I devoted every minute of my time, passion, and heart into chasing this dream.

I've now learned countless times that life is though, you're on your own, and nothing is guaranteed. Just when you think that you have the brass ring firmly in your grip, that's when you should be most prepared to lose everything.

I'm so thankful that I have a talent like art to fall back to. It makes me very lucky even in my most unfortunate times. I will no longer take it for granted. It's time to take my abilities seriously for once and be productive with it.

So, if you are interested in any commissioned work, please email me at or check back every few days to see what I've been doodling.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Florida Supercon 2012 program cover part II

Here's the image after some photoshop magic. I added the Florida Supercon title, the number box, tweaked the colors of the original painting and added a layer of distressing to make it look like an old used comic. 

Since I do the podcast, and we have all 3 of these people scheduled to appear for a small block of time to speak with me, maybe I can get all 3 to autograph the original painting somewhere.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Florida Supercon 2012 program cover

I finally did a new painting. Its a cover for the program guide for Florida Supercon. They have 3*, an awesome cosplay photo cover taken by my friend Flash Foto, an invaders recereation cover by golden age Captain America artist Allen Bellman (inked by Rob Hunter and colored by Juan Fernandez), and mine. 

*I lied, there's 4 covers, Carmine Infantino did one too.

Its pretty basic, featuring portraits of the three major media guests attending this year's convention, Alex Kingston from Doctor Who, and Michael Hogan and Nicki Clyne from Battlestar Galactica. Done in watercolor, I'll post a second image when the other stuff like the title and other goodies are photoshopped  on. 

I'll be at the show doing the live podcasting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We have all the guests scheduled to sit in to talk with us so try and catch some of it if you can. I am also helping run the wrestling those days at night, so if you're attending, you should check that out as well. Its a blast and everyone loves it. I do actually have an artist table set up selling signed prints and a few finished sketch covers, but I really won't be at it much until Monday. Someone will be there if you want to buy something though. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

One more Emilia Clarke/Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones sketch

I started a pencil sketch a few days ago before having to leave to help with some podcast technical stuff...yes, there is podcasting happening now HERE with lots of nerd talk. Anyway, I finally was able to bring it to a finished point tonight. I wish I had started it on some smoother paper with less tooth as it was hard to get really light shading with my #2 mechanical pencil. It measures approximately 5 X 6 inches. Here's the scan...


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Emilia Clarke/Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones watercolor painting

Another watercolor portrait of Emilia Clarke on that same stubborn watercolor paper. It measures approximately 7 X 5 inches. Here's the scan...


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Emilia Clarke/Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones part II

Done with Wrestlemania, and after a quick recharging of my system its back to finishing this painting. I'm sure I should be saying more here instead of just posting scans but its all just more of the same, layering in washes and building up the darker areas.

Here's the final scan. Its at a stage where I may start overworking some areas so I made the decision not to get into too much detail with the hair, got some white acrylic paint out for the highlights, signed it, and called it a day. It measures 4.75 X 6.75 inches and you can buy it by clicking the paypal link below the image.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones WIP

Taking a break from the pencil drawings, it was suggested to me (by someone that may have had their own agenda) that maybe I'd want to do some paintings of this young lady since Game of Thrones is starting season 2 very soon. I realized that I hadn't done a multi-scan post showing different stages of the process so I am trying to remember to stop every now and then and scan the painting. I'm not going to finish this before I head down to Miami for my yearly Wrestlemania vacation with my friends, so I'm posting this at what seems like the halfway point.

The first scan is just the drawing on a piece of stretched watercolor paper. I did a basic grid to make sure the features all are in the right places and proportions. 

I started laying down washes of watercolor and the paint was doing a lot of unexpected bleeding. I suspect it was because the paper had been stretched on this board months ago and I never got to it. Being left out it may have gotten wet or roughed up, IDK. I was thinking I may be laying some color down and then doing a pencil or ink drawing over it instead of a straight-up painting if I couldn't control the edges of my marks.

The process is simple where I just layer fairly light washes over each other and build it up. With the dark areas, I'll start to get braver with less transparent washes. I'm feeling better about probably just finishing this with paint and not having to go in with something else to tackle the details. 

That's it for now, I'll finish it after I get back from WM on Monday or Tuesday. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno Hulk blank sketch cover II

Dr. David Banner: physician; scientist. Searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation alters his body chemistry. And now when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs. The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter. The creature is wanted for a murder he didn't commit. David Banner is believed to be dead, and he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Days of Future Past" X-Men 141 movie version

After doing the loosely inspired Avengers 221 multi-panel cover I got the idea in the back of my head to do this one. X-Men #141 is one of the iconic covers from the modern age of comics and is one of the more "covered" designs by other artists. This one turned out to be a lot more work, taking an extra long time to do. I think I did a better job overall of getting the likenesses down than with the Avengers sketch cover. The exception being with Ellen Page as Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde. These tiny portraits are difficult where it comes to capturing the likeness of somebody that people are supposed to recognize. Not that I'm making excuses. She looks just slightly more exotic than Ellen Page is so if we want to say it's Wolverine's later sidekick Jubilee instead, I'm fine with that. Also, if anyone wants to guess who the characters are supposed to be in the 2 mostly hidden panels behind Wolverine, post it in the comments section. I will contact the winner privately for their mailing address so that I can ship them an extra special no-prize.

And here's the original cover as drawn by John Byrne in 1981.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Ghost Rider cover, still no Cage, but a little Eva Mendes for your viewing pleasure

I mixed movies with this cover drawing Eva Mendes who is in the first movie but using a reference of Ghost Rider from the second movie. I just prefer the black charred look they designed for his skull better in the second flick. Technically, the reference I used of Eva Mendes isn't from the first movie anyway. Thinking about it now, the hair sort of hides most of her features.