Monday, September 6, 2010

Doctor Who vs. Doctor Who

This post will hopefully be shorter than the first one. No step-by-step pictures of the process with their accompanying explanatory paragraphs...and only two pieces of artwork instead of five. Two Doctor Who images for the price of one blog.

The black and white image measures approximately 8.5 X 11 inches and was painstakingly done dot-by-dot by hand with a fine point (the specific size escapes me) rapidiograph pen. I love doing these types of illustrations even though they are tediously time consuming. I think I have a sadistic thing for tackling challenges like this was, especially doing the pinstripe suit without having to go back in later with a bunch of corrective white-out. The sad thing about these stipple or pointillism pieces is that they're a hard sell. Compared for example to the color piece, it's smaller, took ten times as long to do and is in black and white.  It almost impossible to get the same value for your time selling an original piece as it is for a vibrant color painting that I can do ten times larger in one tenth of the time. I really can understand it from a consumer's point of view, but it won't stop me from occasionally doing them.

Anyway, there's something surprisingly stress relieving for me in doing one of these pen and ink drawings. I think for one, there's a lot less to worry about. I don't have to consider any color choices, cool to warm relationships, etc. Its just about the black and white as you mindlessly bang away with dots for hours on end.

This second one is a larger watercolor painting measuring 10 X 15 inches. Just a basic floating heads arrangement. Looking back I could have maybe done a stronger composition like the pen and ink one has. But its still a solid painting.

Where the above drawing took the better part of week to do, this sucker only took 2 full days to wrap up. Bigger and faster. 

My love for this show goes back to the late 70's and early 80's. I used to sit at home when I was a young kid and watch episodes starring Tom Baker (arguably the best to ever play the role of The Doctor) every evening at 5:30 on the South Florida PBS station while my mom made dinner for the family. I think most American fans of the old show associate Doctor Who with only one actor, that of Tom Baker. I'm sure I'll eventually do something with him in it.

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