Friday, September 10, 2010

Marlon Brando, Bruce Lee and Bruce Campbell...some older acrylic paintings

While I was putting together the multiple scans of the Mummy piece, I decided to just spend another half a day scanning some of my older larger paintings that were still kicking around here.  It was also a good procrastination tactic to avoid working on some new ideas that I had planned on starting today. Even if the end result isn't fantastic, I figure its good to at least have some record in case a fire or hurricane happens before I get them properly scanned or professionally photographed. Scanning these in as many as 16 parts and then photoshopping the images back together was a super miserable bitch to do. So when you're looking at the enlarged scans, you may see some of the "seams" of these jigsaw puzzles...they didn't fit together 100 % perfectly, but close enough was good enough for me and my gypsy ways.

I'm posting these three  together today mostly because they're all acrylic paintings (a medium that I have yet to post any examples of), and also because they're older works from my college days at RISD...almost 20 years ago.

The painting pictured above was done from a black and white photo of Marlon Brando, and was done with a limited palette of burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre and white. It measures 16 X 22 inches.

To the left is obviously a painting of The Green Hornet and Kato from the 1960's television show starring Bruce Lee. I can't even remember what the original idea behind it was but it looks like I was composing it like a insert movie poster. Inserts were done in this dimension (tall and thin) and it looks like I might have left open space up top for some lettering. The dimensions on this one are 12 X 42 inches.

Below, is a portrait of Bruce Campbell from the movie Army of Darkness, a movie that I saw several times with a bunch of my college stooges at the theater that year. I remember that I worked for two summers at a movie theater in Pompano, FL. and that a group of us used to rummage through the 35 mm film trailers taking several of the better ones home. I remember cutting a few frames out of an AOD trailer and having kinkos turn them into larger prints to use for photo references. This one also looks like I purposely left a lot of open space above his head like it was a comic book cover. Maybe I was going to add a monster in behind him, but I don't really remember anymore. I am guessing that I either got lazy or lost interest and painted in a quick dark background instead. It is 17 X 27 inches.

Apparently, I work a different style when painting with acrylics. I like to show the brushstrokes and lay down chunks of paint in places building up a nice bumpy surface of dried plastic colors. This last one especially looks a little raw and unfinished.

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