Monday, June 25, 2012

Florida Supercon 2012 program cover part II

Here's the image after some photoshop magic. I added the Florida Supercon title, the number box, tweaked the colors of the original painting and added a layer of distressing to make it look like an old used comic. 

Since I do the podcast, and we have all 3 of these people scheduled to appear for a small block of time to speak with me, maybe I can get all 3 to autograph the original painting somewhere.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Florida Supercon 2012 program cover

I finally did a new painting. Its a cover for the program guide for Florida Supercon. They have 3*, an awesome cosplay photo cover taken by my friend Flash Foto, an invaders recereation cover by golden age Captain America artist Allen Bellman (inked by Rob Hunter and colored by Juan Fernandez), and mine. 

*I lied, there's 4 covers, Carmine Infantino did one too.

Its pretty basic, featuring portraits of the three major media guests attending this year's convention, Alex Kingston from Doctor Who, and Michael Hogan and Nicki Clyne from Battlestar Galactica. Done in watercolor, I'll post a second image when the other stuff like the title and other goodies are photoshopped  on. 

I'll be at the show doing the live podcasting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We have all the guests scheduled to sit in to talk with us so try and catch some of it if you can. I am also helping run the wrestling those days at night, so if you're attending, you should check that out as well. Its a blast and everyone loves it. I do actually have an artist table set up selling signed prints and a few finished sketch covers, but I really won't be at it much until Monday. Someone will be there if you want to buy something though.