Thursday, December 4, 2014

Harley Quinn painted sketch cover watercolor commission

This commission was inspired by my earlier Harley Quinn painting. The client just wanted the video game costume and I was sent a different image of cosplayer Jessica Nigri wearing the outfit. I did a search for reference images and she had some of the better ones so I decided to use her for my reference. 

Below are a few WIP images I scanned while working on this. Essentially the same as the others, pencil drawing, some ink washes to block in the dark values, then layering colors. The last touches are a bit of color pencil.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Doctor Who sketch cover watercolor painting

These watercolor ones allow for me to take more interesting scans during the progress of the painting, so I've added some of those scans below.

As you can see in those images, its mostly just a progression of drawing them in, doing a wash of ink to set some of the underdrawing and darkest areas, then layering colors until it feels right. The only real obstacle/restriction is the surface. It's not all that forgiving for how I work so eventually it wants to resist and you can all of a sudden find that you're in danger of overworking and damaging the surface.

But it's a comic book, and they've come a long way from what they were first offering as a surface to work on 4-5 years ago. Clients just need to remember that this is a wet medium which results in some minor warping so these most likely aren't grading out as 9.8 when all is said and done...quite honestly the purchase is for the art and not a month-old high-grade new comic anyways.

I like to paint as much detail I can, but rendering some things at smaller sizes like his wrinkles can be a tricky process. It can start looking awful really quickly so you sometimes have to pick your battles carefully when an eraser won't be the easy fix to a mistake. I do feel good about the likenesses in this one being accurate.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Walking Dead sketch cover graphite pencil drawing

I wanted to address a small issue where I ruffled a feather when I mentioned in my Wonder Woman post that it was a better painting than the Harley Quinn painting. I honestly meant that from a technical standpoint. I'm not trying to do any "spin" on this, it was a statement based on what I experienced while painting and learning how to work this comic book surface and not in the final visual. I love the Harley, and I adore Doris the model, and think it came out great. It has more character and it just as good of a painting. I was just happier with the process as it was my second painting on this type of surface and much less of a struggle and learning experience.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wonder Woman painted sketch cover watercolor commission


This was recently commissioned after the client saw my Harley Quinn painting. It's my second attempt at using watercolors on these books and I think it's a better painting than the first. 

I took some scans along the way to make this post a little more interesting (?) by showing and writing a little about the process. This time, I spent a lot less time rendering the graphite under-drawing and chose to block some of the black areas in with India ink washes. I usually don't use any actual black paint in my paintings, but it's hard to build up a good rich dark value on these books without ruining the surface.

After I blocked in a few of the dark areas and started putting down layers of color I also began erasing some of the under-drawing. Then it's just a matter of continuing to lay down color. I'm not all that brave with watercolors and like to work with light washes, which isn't really good for this surface as it will eventually become overworked. 

It's probably a good issue because it is going to force me to be more bold and aggressive on future images. As a nice bonus, I will end up painting them in a more time-economical fashion. I went back in near the end with more India ink on the black areas and touched up a few highlight spots with white acrylic paint.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Walking Dead sketch cover graphite drawing

I think there is a slight contrast issue of some kind going on with the scan of this book that is making my drawing appear a little light. getting good images of these graphite drawings  with their reflective nature is tough in general. Available this week on eBay.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Harley Quinn painted sketch cover

Currently available on eBay, CLICK HERE!

This was my first attempt at using watercolors on one of these newer sketch covers. As expected, they aren't the greatest at taking the paint, or at least holding up to my process of building layers of light washes. Also, it was all but impossible to avoid a teeny-tiny bit of warping that you won't see unless you're looking for it.

It came out fine all things considered but I put way too much work and detail in the underdrawing and almost just continued to fully render it like my other black and white graphite drawings.


The model is my pal Doris a.k.a Harley's Love Shack who is also an artist as well as a cosplayer...She also makes some of the best faces.

The reference photo was taken by the super-talented cute and cuddly Speedy at Speedy's Productions.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Incredible Hulk sketch cover, 4 flavors of Banner

This one is similar to my previous Punisher drawing where I drew the 3 actors that played the Punisher in the movies. So for this Hulk cover, I drew all four of the real-life Banners.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wolverine sketch cover graphite commission

The client sent a few reference pictures and a basic idea. I decided to go with a larger backgrond portrait of  Liev Schreiber than the suggested image and I think it works a lot better even though it added some extra time to completing this one.