Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Doctor Who sketch cover watercolor painting

These watercolor ones allow for me to take more interesting scans during the progress of the painting, so I've added some of those scans below.

As you can see in those images, its mostly just a progression of drawing them in, doing a wash of ink to set some of the underdrawing and darkest areas, then layering colors until it feels right. The only real obstacle/restriction is the surface. It's not all that forgiving for how I work so eventually it wants to resist and you can all of a sudden find that you're in danger of overworking and damaging the surface.

But it's a comic book, and they've come a long way from what they were first offering as a surface to work on 4-5 years ago. Clients just need to remember that this is a wet medium which results in some minor warping so these most likely aren't grading out as 9.8 when all is said and done...quite honestly the purchase is for the art and not a month-old high-grade new comic anyways.

I like to paint as much detail I can, but rendering some things at smaller sizes like his wrinkles can be a tricky process. It can start looking awful really quickly so you sometimes have to pick your battles carefully when an eraser won't be the easy fix to a mistake. I do feel good about the likenesses in this one being accurate.

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