Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wonder Woman painted sketch cover watercolor commission


This was recently commissioned after the client saw my Harley Quinn painting. It's my second attempt at using watercolors on these books and I think it's a better painting than the first. 

I took some scans along the way to make this post a little more interesting (?) by showing and writing a little about the process. This time, I spent a lot less time rendering the graphite under-drawing and chose to block some of the black areas in with India ink washes. I usually don't use any actual black paint in my paintings, but it's hard to build up a good rich dark value on these books without ruining the surface.

After I blocked in a few of the dark areas and started putting down layers of color I also began erasing some of the under-drawing. Then it's just a matter of continuing to lay down color. I'm not all that brave with watercolors and like to work with light washes, which isn't really good for this surface as it will eventually become overworked. 

It's probably a good issue because it is going to force me to be more bold and aggressive on future images. As a nice bonus, I will end up painting them in a more time-economical fashion. I went back in near the end with more India ink on the black areas and touched up a few highlight spots with white acrylic paint.

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