Friday, December 11, 2015

Elektra comic book sketch cover

I didn't have a game-plan going into this one and was basically winging it the whole way through. I  did a google search of "elektra cosplay" for a reference pic and drew it out. I laid a light red watercolor wash down for her costume and inked in her hair and stabby-weapons. I shaded all the fleshy areas in with a regular HB lead pencil and used prismacolor pencils to finish the costume. Finally, I threw some more watercolor splatters on it and called it a day.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

another Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk sketch cover commission

Did this one a month ago but forgot to post it, probably because my scanner wasn't working at the time. The client sent me a scan after he got it signed by Lou Ferrigno.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Incredible Hulk sketch cover

Another quick one of "The Green Guy" before starting another commission.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Deadpool sketch cover commission

This is the first teeny tiny step towards incorporating extra text in some of these sketch cover illustrations. Hopefully the idea that he is being shot at is being adequately conveyed and it isn't too subtle.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Black Widow Avengers sketch cover

Took a break from these, just doing a few quick pencil sketches with light color washes to shake off the rust.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Harley Quinn sketch cover commission

Client requested the new Margot Robbie version of Harley Quinn from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. I went online looking for any decent reference shots and found this image which seemed like a fun one to do.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Doctor Who & Clara sketch cover commission

I drew Clara first, and then ran into a issue because I'm right-handed. I was gonna have to either cover her to draw the doctor without smudging the image or flip the book upside-down. So I flipped the book and drew him upside-down because I didn't trust myself to not smudge her.

When looking for a good reference image of Capaldi, I came across a candid shot of him taking a selfie with a fan at some event and he was making the perfect face that I was looking for. Also, it was turned the right amount to fit in the available space where none of his features would end up being blocked by her.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Green Arrow sketch cover commission

This one also took a long time to complete, bit I had to get it finished today. It's going up to Chicago for the Wizard World show to get autographed by Stephen Amell. I'm starting to get excited to see how he does at WWE Summerslam this Sunday against Wade Barrett and Stardust.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Batman/Superman sketch cover graphite drawing

This one took a really really long time to do and I put a lot more detail in this than I usually do for these sketch covers. I'm glad I followed through on this one after throwing out the first attempt at this image. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Princess Leia sketch cover commission

I had a deadline that I wasn't able to meet and had to give this back to the client "mostly finished". He needed it for last weekend to take it up to Tampa Bay Comic Con for Carrie Fisher to autograph it. I got it back from him this week and was able to get the rest of it done.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Winter Soldier sketch cover commission

Client was open to anything, he paid for 3 characters and left the rest up to me.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Catwoman & Black Widow sketch cover commissions

I had a client commission these two illustrations ages ago and just finally got them done for him. I felt really bad about being so late with these so I put a ton of extra work into them for him. The lighting for the Anne Hathaway portrait was lighter and it's more nervous work for me keeping a light touch with the mechanical pencils. The ScarJo portrait is darker/more shadowed so the even gradients across areas like her forehead were a littler easier.

Friday, June 26, 2015

2 more Ferrigno Hulk commissions with some Hulkamania

Client went and got a couple of blanks autographed by Lou Ferrigno and Hulk Hogan at a convention and then brought them to me to draw in whatever blank space was left. 


It's definitely more nerve-wracking to work on a pre-autographed surface. You can't start over on another blank if things go south, and the eraser lifts this gold paint/ink. I also try not to work too close to the signature because that client has already invested a lot of money and time, and a very unique, difficult to replicate in-person experience with the celebrity that you can't replace.

This one was tougher, it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do in the awkward blank space left for me. I then made the mistake of doing Ferrigno first on the right side. So when I had to then draw Hogan, and since I am still right-handed, I had to flip the book and my reference 180° and draw the Hulkster upside-down. This was to avoid dragging my hand over right half of the book possibly smudging the Incredible Hulk portrait and/or the autograph.

Hindsight, it would definitely be preferable to ask the celebrity to sign over the title and leave the blank area for the artist.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

another Ferrigno Incredible Hulk sketch cover commission

Ferrigno Hulk seems to be becoming a popular subject for me on these sketch covers. The client was fairly specific in what he wanted and had plans to get it signed by Lou this weekend at Megacon in Orlando.

The most important image that the client had in his mind from the TV show all these years later and wanted represented on the cover was of the Hulk pulling down a helicopter. I also vividly remembered that moment too and was excited to draw it.

I did a little research, it was from the 17th episode in season 3 titled "The Lottery" David 'Becker' befriends reformed con artist Harry Henderson, who buys a winning lottery ticket in David's name. After Henderson collect the money, he starts to set in motion the one big scam he always dreamed of.

Not the most memorable story, but definitely an iconic moment to be sure.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 pen and ink ladies and a Sting

I was going through "stuff" and found a few older, maybe more than a decade old? These are four pen and ink stipple, or pointalisim (depending on which term you prefer) drawings. Pretty simple concept, just a buncha dots. They're time-consuming and can become very tedious, but the end result can be extremely rewarding. 

I prefer the technical/rapidiograph pens for this style of work because you get a much more consistently sized dot. Obviously, the finer the tip, the smaller the dot. There are two ways to get more detail out of a stipple drawing, work larger, or make smaller dots.

These first two were both found in an old sketchbook. I remember it being a challenge to draw this reflective metallic dress. I really like the effect of it reflecting on her arm and wish there was more of that effect in the piece.

This second drawing is done on the same size paper, but is a bit larger. Point being that with the same size pen, just going slightly larger increases the amount of detail that I can accomplish.

This third image was done in a larger 11 X 14 inch sketchbook, but the actual image is still within these same 8½ X 11 inch dimensions. However, this time it was drawn with a finer point pen. While her skin tones are more washed out, you can still see the increased level of detail in the fabric that she is sitting on and maybe in some of her facial features as well.

We've obviously changed subject matter with this fourth image. I'm a HUGE wrestling fan, and so for those of you who don't know, this is the pro-wrestler Sting from way back in his later WCW days. Coincidentally, all these years later, he has recently become involved with the WWE and is relevant on our televisions again...just a little older, thicker around the middle, and thinner up top. But anyways, here's an example of working even larger with an even smaller sized pen...I think you get the idea by now.

One more comment on this piece is that I'm less than pleased with the third figure in the circle. It pretty much sucks. I had at one time planned on making a very limited number of prints and was going to leave the circle completely blank to be able to do small original pencil or watercolor sketches in that spot.

and now some business...

I'm going to make all of these available in the art for sale section today or tomorrow so check back if they're not there yet.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Doctor Who sketch cover graphite pencil drawing of Karen Gillan

I did this for a friend who is attending a comic con in Miami where Karen Gillan is appearing this Saturday. He plans to have her autograph it. I'd love to go and get a photo with her, but that's a long story that involves pro-wrestling and a lot of politics...don't ask, that's a non-art related post I may make in the near future.

After drawing this image I'm sure of two things. First, I still hate drawing hair. It constantly vexes and confounds me. Second, that somehow after working so closely on a piece for countless hours, it always looks better after you haven't seen it at all for a full day.

And I am well aware that this is a tenth doctor comic and that she is an eleventh doctor was the book I had and they were out of eleventh doctor sketch covers. So don't revoke my geek card just yet.

and now some technical art stuff...

I'm very slowly and frugally trying to upgrade my art supplies piece by piece. I felt that my images could benefit from expanding beyond just using a generic 0.5 mechanical pencil with the included HB leads that are found in any store with the other school supplies. My pencil drawings are also really limited in what darks I could achieve, and I had to really put a lot of care when drawing light tones. My tools were essentially limiting my range and making me work much harder than I needed to. Also, a finer lead could only help with detail.

So over the new year holiday I ordered several mechanical pencils that use a finer sized lead (0.3). I also bought several different leads ranging from 4H to 4B for those pencils (the softer leads are 0.5 because they would constantly break at a finer size). And I did some research on erasers and found most people felt that the Mono Japanese erasers to be best there are, so I ordered them as well.

I'm still experimenting, but even just using the 2H, HB, and 2B leads for an image, its easier to draw light tones, and my dark values are obviously much darker. So I'm getting a better range of tones, especially with my darks. That's great, right? Well I also found that it's taking longer to draw the same size pieces with the smaller lead size. I'll keep going for now, and once I'm comfortable with these new tools I'll have to measure the difference in detail/"quality" versus time spent.

update (1/27/2015)...

He got it autographed and sent me a scan. I include it to show what the drawing looks like after it's had some auto-corrections done to it with whatever scanner/editing program he used. I do prefer to show the pieces unedited and as close to their natural state (as my scanner allows) on this website. I do that to avoid mis-representing my work as I sell originals and take commissions.