Saturday, January 17, 2015

Doctor Who sketch cover graphite pencil drawing of Karen Gillan

I did this for a friend who is attending a comic con in Miami where Karen Gillan is appearing this Saturday. He plans to have her autograph it. I'd love to go and get a photo with her, but that's a long story that involves pro-wrestling and a lot of politics...don't ask, that's a non-art related post I may make in the near future.

After drawing this image I'm sure of two things. First, I still hate drawing hair. It constantly vexes and confounds me. Second, that somehow after working so closely on a piece for countless hours, it always looks better after you haven't seen it at all for a full day.

And I am well aware that this is a tenth doctor comic and that she is an eleventh doctor was the book I had and they were out of eleventh doctor sketch covers. So don't revoke my geek card just yet.

and now some technical art stuff...

I'm very slowly and frugally trying to upgrade my art supplies piece by piece. I felt that my images could benefit from expanding beyond just using a generic 0.5 mechanical pencil with the included HB leads that are found in any store with the other school supplies. My pencil drawings are also really limited in what darks I could achieve, and I had to really put a lot of care when drawing light tones. My tools were essentially limiting my range and making me work much harder than I needed to. Also, a finer lead could only help with detail.

So over the new year holiday I ordered several mechanical pencils that use a finer sized lead (0.3). I also bought several different leads ranging from 4H to 4B for those pencils (the softer leads are 0.5 because they would constantly break at a finer size). And I did some research on erasers and found most people felt that the Mono Japanese erasers to be best there are, so I ordered them as well.

I'm still experimenting, but even just using the 2H, HB, and 2B leads for an image, its easier to draw light tones, and my dark values are obviously much darker. So I'm getting a better range of tones, especially with my darks. That's great, right? Well I also found that it's taking longer to draw the same size pieces with the smaller lead size. I'll keep going for now, and once I'm comfortable with these new tools I'll have to measure the difference in detail/"quality" versus time spent.

update (1/27/2015)...

He got it autographed and sent me a scan. I include it to show what the drawing looks like after it's had some auto-corrections done to it with whatever scanner/editing program he used. I do prefer to show the pieces unedited and as close to their natural state (as my scanner allows) on this website. I do that to avoid mis-representing my work as I sell originals and take commissions.