Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 pen and ink ladies and a Sting

I was going through "stuff" and found a few older pieces...like, maybe more than a decade old? These are four pen and ink stipple, or pointalisim (depending on which term you prefer) drawings. Pretty simple concept, just a buncha dots. They're time-consuming and can become very tedious, but the end result can be extremely rewarding. 

I prefer the technical/rapidiograph pens for this style of work because you get a much more consistently sized dot. Obviously, the finer the tip, the smaller the dot. There are two ways to get more detail out of a stipple drawing, work larger, or make smaller dots.

These first two were both found in an old sketchbook. I remember it being a challenge to draw this reflective metallic dress. I really like the effect of it reflecting on her arm and wish there was more of that effect in the piece.

This second drawing is done on the same size paper, but is a bit larger. Point being that with the same size pen, just going slightly larger increases the amount of detail that I can accomplish.

This third image was done in a larger 11 X 14 inch sketchbook, but the actual image is still within these same 8½ X 11 inch dimensions. However, this time it was drawn with a finer point pen. While her skin tones are more washed out, you can still see the increased level of detail in the fabric that she is sitting on and maybe in some of her facial features as well.

We've obviously changed subject matter with this fourth image. I'm a HUGE wrestling fan, and so for those of you who don't know, this is the pro-wrestler Sting from way back in his later WCW days. Coincidentally, all these years later, he has recently become involved with the WWE and is relevant on our televisions again...just a little older, thicker around the middle, and thinner up top. But anyways, here's an example of working even larger with an even smaller sized pen...I think you get the idea by now.

One more comment on this piece is that I'm less than pleased with the third figure in the circle. It pretty much sucks. I had at one time planned on making a very limited number of prints and was going to leave the circle completely blank to be able to do small original pencil or watercolor sketches in that spot.

and now some business...

I'm going to make all of these available in the art for sale section today or tomorrow so check back if they're not there yet.

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