Thursday, April 9, 2015

another Ferrigno Incredible Hulk sketch cover commission

Ferrigno Hulk seems to be becoming a popular subject for me on these sketch covers. The client was fairly specific in what he wanted and had plans to get it signed by Lou this weekend at Megacon in Orlando.

The most important image that the client had in his mind from the TV show all these years later and wanted represented on the cover was of the Hulk pulling down a helicopter. I also vividly remembered that moment too and was excited to draw it.

I did a little research, it was from the 17th episode in season 3 titled "The Lottery" David 'Becker' befriends reformed con artist Harry Henderson, who buys a winning lottery ticket in David's name. After Henderson collect the money, he starts to set in motion the one big scam he always dreamed of.

Not the most memorable story, but definitely an iconic moment to be sure.