Friday, June 26, 2015

2 more Ferrigno Hulk commissions with some Hulkamania

Client went and got a couple of blanks autographed by Lou Ferrigno and Hulk Hogan at a convention and then brought them to me to draw in whatever blank space was left. 


It's definitely more nerve-wracking to work on a pre-autographed surface. You can't start over on another blank if things go south, and the eraser lifts this gold paint/ink. I also try not to work too close to the signature because that client has already invested a lot of money and time, and a very unique, difficult to replicate in-person experience with the celebrity that you can't replace.

This one was tougher, it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do in the awkward blank space left for me. I then made the mistake of doing Ferrigno first on the right side. So when I had to then draw Hogan, and since I am still right-handed, I had to flip the book and my reference 180° and draw the Hulkster upside-down. This was to avoid dragging my hand over right half of the book possibly smudging the Incredible Hulk portrait and/or the autograph.

Hindsight, it would definitely be preferable to ask the celebrity to sign over the title and leave the blank area for the artist.

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